I helped a married man Cheat

I know, interesting title right? But, that’s transparency my good people.

Yes, 8 years ago I help a married man cheat.  At the time was that what I wanted to do? Yup! Do I regret it now? Of course I do!  Especially when it’s been roughly 8 years later that my ex husband informed the wife of me being his cheating accomplice (we will talk about that later). However, the wife has recently (last week) contacted me via Facebook (eye roll). Now, I didn’t eye roll because she contacted me.  I eye rolled at the girly move my ex husband made, lol!  But it is what it is.  And unlike him I know how to take accountability for my actions and handle it like a G. (Flips hair)

The Back Story: (2009)

A guy that went to the same high school as me, (he’s older) was going through some problems with his wife.  And they decided for the umpteenth time to separate.  Now this is not a cop out statement, just realness. Here’s the kicker though, because he and I went to the same high school he also knew who my ex-husband was.  So, he respectably asked my ex-husband if he was ok with him “dating” me.  My ex-husband apparently put on his poker face and told him ” he didn’t give a fuck” lol (lies).  In conclusion, this is when he and I decided to entertain each other.

What happened after

Before I go on. Let’s give this guy a name.  We will call him, Cloudy. Haha!  In the beginning, me and Cloudy were cool.  We spent some great (non-sexual) time together.  Telephone “dates”, small talk conversations about our day, trips out to eat and even ended up at a few social events at the same time (we never showed up together). And believe it or not just those things alone made it to were Cloudy grew to have a love for me. I was his “escape from the harsh realities of verbal and emotional abuse he received from home”. Btw, this is what he told me, and honestly I truly believed that. Even to this day. I’m not even positive how long that emotional affair lasted, however, I can say it was not that long. After awhile,this situationship was something I no longer wanted to entertain, so I ended it. And his marriage was my leverage to use to end things abruptly.

Fast Forward to December 2016

“Cloudy” contacted me to inform me of him and his wife separating, AGAIN. AND, to tell me this time it was for good. He shared that he had his own place now and is working on rebuilding his life. I assumed this information was shared with me in efforts to rekindle things. I guess he wanted that “old thing back”. Lol! But just like YEARS ago I was still not interested in dealing with him ever again. Cloudy proceeded to inform me that he was aware that my ex-husbands new wife was “wild”, and that he knew that she was cheating on my ex-husband. Now me personally I could careless about information like this but given that my ex-husband cheated on me, this information did give me great internal pleasure. But I still didn’t care.

Long story short

My ex-husband found out that Cloudy informed ME about his new wife’s infidelities, therefore embarrassing the shit out of him. I assume.  Nonetheless, him telling Cloudy’s wife about HIS infidelities in the past was equal. I guess. (Shrugs)

All in all, Cloudy’s wife contacted me via social media recently and gave me some words y’all. Lol! And to be honest I let her have that. I’m not into barking back to others nowadays (I’ve got a bad temper, that I now know how to control), especially when I know I was wrong. So I let her have that.

Take a look at our FB convo below. Notice she gave permission to blog about this. How thoughtful of her. 😊


I have two forms of advice for my readers when it comes to this subject.

One, ladies and gents don’t get caught up with a person that is married. It’s basically setting yourself up for karma to kick you in the butt later. And naturally, we have it hard enough trying to find a person to spend the rest of our lives with. Don’t sabotage your future marriage by entertaining a person who has covered his or her marriage by God. That is not to be played with.

Two, ladies please stop focusing on the woman by saying “she knew the man is married” as if the man is not the one who owes it to you to NOT cheat. All your doing is showing the man that if or when he cheats he’s not going to be the blame, the other woman will be the blame. Because “she knew”. HE is the man you stood before God with. He is the one who owes it to you to be faithful to your marriage. Yes, the woman is wrong too, however your husband is the one that should take full responsibility and accountability for not being faithful to your marriage. Not the other woman.

This is just my opinion.

Welcome to Relationships Now!

Where we keep it real AND provide inspiration in a grown way so we can learn from each others mistakes.

Each one, Teach one.



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