How Do You Know He’s Losing Interest?

I can usually tell if a man is losing interest once the frequency of his engagement changes. When you first meet a man he usually shows you all of his potential. The potential of talking all the time. The potential of being able to respond to a text in a timely manner and even the potential of being able to make time to spend with you. But when all those things start to deteriorate or come to a halt you can rest assured that the interest, at the moment , no longer exists.

My only thing is Relationships NowI wish guys would communicate that. Simply tell the woman he is no longer interested instead of straddling the fence with standard “Good Morning Texts” or misleading conversations to have something to stand on.  Which generally is them leaving room to possibly return to you once he’s done with the new prospect that had his attention at one time.

Relationships Now

This even goes for a woman that is in a relationship with a man that has suddenly flipped the script on her and displays disinterest. In this case I encourage COUPLES to talk. Communicate the problem and work on resolving it. A good communication session is the best antidote for a relationship that has suddenly changed.

I hope that helps!


Relationships Now

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Let’s face it, it’s hard dating and maintaining relationships.

So we are here to help you with the difficult situations you may experience.  You can anonymously submit a question to ask Relationships Now and we will get back to you asap.

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