Your Dating and a Good Man……

How do you tear down the walls built around a woman’s heart?

After she has been continually hurt by past relationships……..


Men, I feel for you.  It’s difficult trying to build a relationship with a woman that has been damaged by previous partners.  Whether she was hurt by deception, infidelities or abandonment.  How do you fight through those layers of hurt?  Although it may seem difficult, trust me its possible.  Women solely need to experience that there is a different way of being with a man, and that way is absolutely amazing.

Being a woman that has experienced ALL of those horrible things in previous relationships and marriage,   I know first hand the difficulties good men go through with broken woman.

But guess what,  there is a way to fight it.  One of the things that I know works wonders, when trying to beat down those walls built around a broken woman’s heart, is a man that will fight for the relationship no matter what.  A man that understands and realizes what it feels like to go through constant hurt throughout life.  That is one type of man that should be able to hang in there with the broken woman.  Simply because they get it.  This is something a woman craves,  Understanding.  I’m not saying be dumb and take punches from a woman that has a purpose to hurt you.  I’m saying understanding goes a long way when dealing with hurt people in general.  So when dating and building a relationship empathy can definitely help you beat down those walls.  It’s almost like telling her “I got you” without saying it.

Well, that was my two cents….  What’s yours?  Comment below and tell me what you think.


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