Chemistry is the complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people.  When you have chemistry with someone it feels exactly like the definition in the literal sense.

Chemistry 2

Infatuation, love, lust, strong like, affection, expression are all magnified by chemistry.  Like-minded individuals and those with similar desires seem to gravitate towards one another. Chemistry or lack thereof can make or break a relationship. It’s so very wonderful to have chemistry. It is wonderful when you are like minded. It’s so very wonderful to share hobbies and share interests. For example, I am a lover of R&B. I also love movies. It’s nice when you share the love of music and you share the love of film with an individual. When you guys can sing songs together. When you can quote your favorite lines from a movie. Have you ever danced with a great dancer? When you look at your person of interest do you appreciate the way they dress? Did you compliment each other the way you dress without even trying? Do you guys love to travel do you like to eat the same things? Part of being equally yoked is having chemistry. Chemistry is something that you don’t have to force. It should be very natural and organic. Friendships, relationships, and companionship are all best when the vibe is right. In the words of 2 Chainz, “It’s a Vibe.” Now go and listen to the song and find your chemistry.

Written by Guest Writer Swanee


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