TG3’s Jazz Hop Memorial Day Weekend Was A HIT! – (Outfit Details)

I know I am a little late with my post but try to find it in your heart to forgive me…..I have spent the last couple of day hydrating and returning back to work without looking like a recovering addict.  LMAO!

SO, about Memorial Day weekend….Ok, let’s scale back to Friday, I literally spent the whole day refreshing my newly black hair color and prepping my hair for styling.  Just as a FYI, I do my own hair and make-up so please understand me when I say I may overwhelm myself a little bit when it comes to preparing for an event.  But I have to say, when it comes to a TG3 event I just cant find myself half stepping on how I look.  Because after all, this was a Jazz Hop Day Party, which is one of the hottest Day Party’s in Los Angeles.

After running some morning errands while indulging in a Dirty Chai Latte, I made my way to the venue. I ordered a Jameson & Ginger Beer and had a AMAZING time at the rootop event !

Let’s talk about my outfit choice for the day shall we.  Just a little background about me and my style, I am very open to ALL brands (expensive and not so expensive).  But because I respect my wallet my aim is always toward looking good on a budget.  After all I am a single mom so spending carelessly is not exactly the smart thing to do when you’re in my shoes.  You know?

So for the day I decided to go Comfy and Cute.  I took a visit to my local Target and found the CUTEST top I could ever lay my eyes on.  Side note: I have no ass-at-all so a peplum top give me a little illusion that I have ass.  LOL!

With me having so much luck finding a top, I ventured over to the pants section to see what kind of jeans they had for a girl with a little hips haha.  After trying on a size 12 jeans, and doing a happy dance in the dressing room (because they fit me), my mind was completely made up.  I had successfully found a Cute & Comfy outfit in TARGET!  Who would have thought right!?  I paired my outfit with rose gold accessories and shades threw on some rose gold flat sandals and BAM!  I got this……..

Jazz Hop Day Party - The Dope Dating Coach

Ya girl was highly pleased with this outfit and it literally only cost me around $70 (including the accessories & shoes).  Not bad at all…..




My point to sharing this information with you all is you don’t have to break the bank to look good.  I don’t say that to disrespect major name brands out there that are costly, but sometimes it’s ok to be consciously limiting with spending on a look when all you’re requiring is to be comfortable and cute.  Not to mention so many people ask me questions about styling and my looks that I figured I would make a blog about my life & style as a Dating Coach/Personal Image Consultant.


It's so hard to share my thoughts publicly. (2).png

Contact me today and we can talk about getting you ready to turn heads.


Your Personal Image Consultant,



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