I’m Too Busy With Work

I find it funny how on the same day I decide to open up my single life to you guys, I received a dumb-ass text from an ex.  Now mind you, the last time I talk to this MF we had a pretty heated conversation about his lack of taking the time out to spend some personal one-on-one time with me (he only seemed to hang out with me with other people) .  AND that last conversation was over text, so I’m assuming this stupid MF probably thought it was a game or something. Because he hit me up today as if we were cool and didn’t have a blow up last we texted.

I personally can’t stand that.  In this particular situation I was actually really nice initially when he texted because I literally said to myself “I’m not gonna go off prematurely, I’m gonna wait to see if he addresses the problem at hand”. And just like I thought he just continued with small talk conversations which made me irritated to the max.  (I HATE SMALL TALK).


The Text Conversation  

So after going back and forth over text for as long as I could stand, I simply asked him:

Me:  “So what’s up?”

Him: “Nothing jus checking on u”

Me:  “Have you not felt the urge to check on me before now”

Him: “Not at all”

Me:  “I’m sure you have had a off day lately right?”

Him “ No I Work”

Him: “Everything ok with your hands lol?”

Me: “MY HANDS or efforts have never been a problem.  It’s you that seem to have the problem. Problem with time, your hands, your understanding, should I go on?”

Him: “Not at all I’m jus working”

Me: “Everyone works, that’s a part of adulthood”

Him: “oh ok”

Me: “However, not a suitable excuse to deal with me how and when you feel like it”

Him “ Well like I said ur hands work”

Me: “Well my hands are TIRED of working”

Him: “Look I was just hitting u saying hello not for all this ok”

Me: “Well do this, hit me up when you’re ready to do something other than be selfish.  Or not”

Him: “Selfish?  Haha ok.”

Me: “I understand what I do you can get from any of your little hoes to do.  So just get them to do it and give them that low investment treatment. But me I’m not takin anymore of that shit.  So I don’t give a fuck anymore”

Him: “Got it”

Me: “Cool”

Him: “Good day”


Small back story 

I have known this person for over 5 years and we dated for a year.  In other words, in my eyes we should totally be better than this. I have tried communicating with him and expressed complete and utter understanding with him regarding how he would like to deal with me.  I have specifically asked him “Do you just want to deal with me on a sexual level only?” or “ Would you like to date and see where things go?”. HE chose to date and see where things go and according to his actions it didn’t go anywhere but all on my MF nerves.  LOL!

So for those who may have been reading this and thinking, “damn she went big on him”.  I sure did, because I’m tired and really don’t have time to play with ANYONE. Especially when I gave the person an out, and they chose the route that they clearly can’t be held up to.  

My question to you all is, are you guys experiencing people who claim to be single but they are “TOO busy” with work to spend time with you? (Comment Below) 

Don’t we all work?

Because I’m a single mom, I run two businesses, have a 9-5 job but can still manage to make time for someone I like or would want to get to know.  

BINGO that’s it!  He simply doesn’t want to.  But why take the time out to put forth effort to straddle the fence with me?  So I can be a backup plan?! Nah G, not I.

Let me know what you guys think about this fuckery.  Because I’m not thinking a damn thing about it anymore.  LMAO!


-Aja in the City

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