Today I made the decision to document my life as a 30 something year old single woman living in Los Angeles, California.  I know you’re probably thinking, what’s so special about that? Well let me share a little about me and my background.  

I am a only child who was raised in a single parent home, on the east-side of Los Angeles, who became pregnant at the tender age of 16, then again at 19 and lastly at 26.  That’s right I have 3 children. My two oldest children are by my ex husband (whom I married when I was 19) and my youngest is by an ex boyfriend of mine (whom is absent from my daughter’s life).  So it’s safe to say with those stats alone I’ve been through quite a bit in the dating, relationship & marriage departments.

In 2012 I became an entrepreneur and started a hair, make-up and image consulting business.  Which was about 4 years after a nasty break up with my ex that ended in the most ugly court battle I had ever experienced.  But at that time I vowed to get my life back and wanted to do that by starting a new career and business. And to this day that business still exists.  

Since then I have survived through two serious relationships that taught me a lot about myself and encouraged me to take some time off in the dating and relationship department to heal, become a better person and work toward a new chapter in my life.  So, for about 3 years I was single, until I met someone this year. He was handsome, charming and hands down just plain different from ANYONE I had ever dated. The courtship between he and I went very fast which was not exactly my style but I was receptive to it given that I called myself “trusting the process” and being open to trying a new way of doing things.  Unfortunately, that very short relationship went sour after a couple of months and to be honest it put a bad taste in my mouth due to the fact that I’m a Dating Coach for God’s sake. In a sense I felt like I should have seen this break up coming. However, the harsh reality is I’m a Dating Coach not a Psychic and there was no way I could have seen that break up happening even if my life depended on it.

For a while I worried that my online family would doubt my abilities as a Dating Coach due to my failed attempt with love.  But another harsh reality is I’m human and now I realize that relationship & break up had to happen because I needed to learn a lot of lessons I never would have been able to learn without him.

Nonetheless, I AM SINGLE,  again, and actually questioning if being in a relationship is what I’m meant to be in.  I know, sounds crazy coming from a Dating Coach right? But it’s so true. Those are my true feelings ( could be the PMS I am experiencing right now) but it’s true!  

One thing you can expect from me on this journey is that I am going to keep it so real with you.   I’m not going to sugar coat or water down any of my experiences or thoughts I may have while documenting and sharing my dating life with you all.  

So from this day forward I will share with you all my experiences, outing, feelings, fashion and as much more as I need to so you all can understand the life of a single, beautiful, black mother of three who is just simply on  a journey to break the generational curse of being old and unmarried.

We will be in touch soon…..

-Aja in the City


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